Electrical Installations

Integra Group works on every type of electrical installations in medium and low voltage both public works and private, either by itself or collaborating with first class construction account.

INTEGRA develops its projects at all levels: Basic Project, Execution Project and Detail Engineering.


We deal with the preparation of all documentation that may be part of the project, such as descriptive and qualities memories, compliance, structural study, graphic documentation, measurements and budget, work plan, study safety and health plan maintenance, environmental study, project activities, management license application, etc. Among others we can highlight:

  • Transformer centers.
  • Projects and infrastructure facilities (street lighting, housing estates, etc.).
  • Projects and technical divisions of thermal and photovoltaic renewable energy.
  • Installation of street or interior lighting for private work.
  • Electrical and telecommunications indoor commercial and industrial buildings.


Integra Proceso y Automatización S.L. - Las Gabias, Granada - 2016