Traceability and Labeling

Integra provide traceability and labelling integrated solutions. Our systems are flexibles, adapted to our clients plant, sharing information with corporative data bases and its ERP.

With the commitment of continuous improvement y internal challenges to keep growing, since the year 2012 we are pallet labelling supplier, which close the circle of your product traceability.

  • Desing and development of a traceability system wich can be use for management
    • Performance and production of the plant
    • Analysis of energy consumption data
    • Defined cost breakdown model
    • Product control at every stage of the process
  • Taraceability software in production processes completely or partially.
  • Desing and setup of industrial nets, remote communications on-line.


Integra Proceso y Automatización S.L. - Las Gabias, Granada - 2016