Automation and Control

PLC Siemens 1500

The beginings of the company, in 2004, were rooted in automation projects. Since then, Integra Group keep the idea of satisfy our customers with the best tools in the market to reach the targets set.

Our open standards and its easy use covers applications like:

  • Monitoring and control software in HMI systems.
  • Networks desing, programming and configuration.

The PLC (programmable logic controller) let you automate electromechanical processes, i.e. control the machines on manufacturing processes. We use every standard PLCs from the world leaders, as networks like Ethernet, PROFIBUS, AS-i, Wíreless, radio, GSM, etc.

PLC Omron

To supervise and control the automatic work in the installation it is use SCADA systems. They comunicate with the PLC to show information about the plant. These systems work from a simple display, showing the devices state o alarms, to complex animations.

SCADA en TIA Portal v13

Integra works a wide range of SCADA systems, including HMI screens from differents brands, as PC evironment or runtime. All our projects are custommized, designed exclusively to each customer.


Integra Proceso y Automatización S.L. - Las Gabias, Granada - 2016